Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 16, 2008

Day Five

July 15

We awoke too late to make breakfast, so Jim grabbed me a scone, and that along with a cuppa tea made a good start to my day. First thing after showers we went out for a walk. This is the view which greeted us as we walked out the door right by our bedroom window.

We headed “up” the road to the little village houses hugging the coast.

The fields on the opposite side of the road stretched out first to fields, then to either mountains or another bit of coast where the island cuts in.

It started to rain a little bit later, so we returned to the hotel for a quick bowl of soup and brown bread in the bar.

The main mode of transportation on the island is walking, followed by bicycling. Here, Donnie shows off his skills.

James made an instant party when he brought back two bags of crab claws from the B&B down the hill. We got brown bread, butter, and beer (or soda) from the bar to complete the feast.


Even the chickens which hung about the front of the hotel got into the party mood!

After this wonderful treat was consumed, I strolled down to the harbor, then on to the beautiful church.

There were three altars, of which this is the main one, and many stained glass windows. A tape of monks chanting was playing, adding to the air of quiet and peace inside.

I went outside to enjoy the views from the wall around the harbor. I really liked this wall working it’s way up the hillside on the other side of the water.

Having recieved word that Jim was looking everywhere for me (how did that happen?) I set my sights on the road back up the hill to the hotel. On the way, I stopped at the B&B where the lady who lives there also sells knitted goods. I did my bit to help support the local economy, and went on my way with a lovely Irish green hat in hand. After supper, which was delicious, as all the food has been on this trip (you’re lucky I’m not going into details, it would be too cruel). About 10 pm, the music began. Not many special guests this evening, “only” Andrew from the hotel, who sang us two beautiful songs, and Kathy and Jeff, and Vicki Lea, from the tour group played in addition to Donnie and James. I didn’t play for the evening entertainment, but Jim and I both were learning a bit more in our lesson from James before dinner, on this….isn’t it pretty?!

That’s all for now. We’ve gotten to Westport where we have internet access again. However, this signal is too weak in the room, so I’m risking my life to post here in the “nursery” where a young hooligan keeps whacking a plastic golf ball about the room with waaayy too much energy for the available space. I’ll finish catching up later. Till then…



  1. Where’s the green knitted hat?!

    Love the photos, especially the chickens!

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