Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 13, 2008

Day Three

Ohmygosh! What a day. It’s really, really late this time. So late, it’s almost early, and the bus leaves at 9 ish. I can’t believe I left before the last song was sung… I’m too tired to deal with many photos tonight, but I will leave you with one special one.

We had tons and tons of amazing local talent come in to play with and for us tonight. Some are quite famous, I guess. There was music and highland dance, and Guiness, for those who indulge. I saw a waltz break out, there were half a dozen different kinds of accordians played, and the only tears were tears of joy!

In the morning we’re off to Cleggan and another little town whose name I cannot recall, then onto the ferry and over to Inishbofin we go. Inishbofin is a little island off the coast, and has no internet, so I’m told. I’ll keep notes and try to catch you up when we come back to the Irish mainland on Wednesday.




  1. Oh! Can I just tell you what a happy girl I am that you are blogging from Ireland! Fabulous! I can almost here the jigs and reels. And you had such a lovely day at the Cliffs of Moher. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Ruth ~

    I can tell this is a holiday to remember! I wish I were there with my hubby dearest (so sweet, Ruth). Perhaps you can show me how to add pix to ones travel stories as we head across the pond in less than a month! Of course, I would have to have access to a computer, but I am sure those Germans and Slovaks would share.

    Thanks for “taking me along”…I love reading and seeing the pix. I can easily understand the gazillion pictures. Digital makes it way to easy. Click on, my friend. I will happily look at all of them when you return.

    Hugs ~



    Happy Anniversary to you and Hubby Dearest!

  3. I was told that my “comment” was waiting moderation…whatever that means. If you didn’t get it…bummer!

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary to you and Hubby Dearest…#25!!!

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