Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 6, 2008

In Which The Knitter Heads To PA

We spent most of the Fourth doing laundry, packing, cleaning house, and writing lists. With a flight at O Dark-thirty on Saturday, we didn’t really have much choice. We took time out to go swim and B-B-Q with Wayne and Belinda, but it cost us. We got to bed at 1:30 am on Saturday and got up again at 4:30. Ah, the joys of leaving on a jet plane!

Our flights went well, we hit ground for good by about 5 pm Eastern time then collected our luggage, piled into our friend’s car, and set our sights on dinner.

After dinner we stayed up way too late talking and showing pictures. Then off to bed to fall as dead for about 10 hrs. Much refreshed, we had a great day today shopping, playing games, drinking tea (or beer) and enjoying the outdoors until the rain started falling in big, fat drops early this evening.

My friend’s house is just off the highway, but you’d never know it from walking down her street! I’ll share a few pictures with you.

This little guys was just sitting there on the lawn.

A pretty butterfly

You can’t see it, but the highway is right there….really.

This is on the street, too.

Tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll be off to the Longwood Gardens. I’ll get lots and lots of pictures there! We’ll be on the road for not quite three weeks total, but I’ll do my best to keep posting. Oh, and don’t worry about the house, it’s still well protected by dogs and humans.



  1. It looks lovely! Have fun!

  2. Your new camera is amazing!! Great pictures! Hope you are enjoying yourselves!

  3. The pictures are incredible, and I’m just sorry I won’t get to meet you on this trip!

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