Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 1, 2008

My First Bloglines!

First item of business for today….drum roll please….is a very Happy Birthday to Chan!

Cruising around the blogs this morning inspired me to finally do a Bloglines post. I have graduated from a steady diet of all knitting blogs to an eclectic assortment of fun, inspirational, and instructive blogs

Oh sure, I started out with the Yarn Harlot, always good for a laugh and knitting like nobody’s business, but I also enjoy how she shares her family and travels with us.

Of course, I read my friend Amy’s blog over at Journaling Back To Joy, where she shares her grief, her joy, her faith, and vidoes every Friday!

Then I bounce over to Germany, or England, or to wherever Holly is at the moment to read
Of Words and Woll. Holly is a Dr. in the service of the U.S. military as well as a reader, knitter, and spinner extrordinaire.

A visit to Grace at Loving Comfort Knits usually reveals gorgeous shawls and thoughtful musings. Go wish her good health, please, as she is struggling with a summer illness which is threatening to become another bout of pneumonia.

Monica, over at the Monniblog writes book reviews, enjoys tea, and shares her love of kitties, especially her Mr. Henry Squishybutt. (gotta love that name)

I also check the link to the Tea Ladies regularly, who were all a part of Gracious Hospiality’s blog-a-thon this Spring. Lot’s of good stuff there to refresh and inspire.

I can’t forget Lisa up in Alaska at Midwife Knits. She was my Hot Chocolate swap buddy, but now we’re Scrabble buddies playing game after game with the email version.

And last for today, but not the end of my list, Channon over at Chan Knits, who writes about her knitting adventures, her dogs, tea, and so much more. I’ve truly come to consider Chan a real friend over the last year since we met in the Knit One, Tea Two swap. Don’t forget to go wish her a happy b-day today!


  1. Well that’s cool! Now to just find time to visit all your online friends!

  2. Awesome Bloglines. Glad my cat’s name amuses you!! 🙂

  3. Hey, got your comment on my blog. Thanks!
    Does this mean I’m on your bloglines, too?

  4. Great idea for a post. (Memes – here we come). Will pop over to say hi to Chan as well. Spreading the wishes and joy.

  5. Thank you! What a great way to start today; that really made me smile. I certainly consider you a “real” friend too!

  6. Fantastic post, A couple of new ones for me to try!!! Thanks for including me and for the well wishes!!

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