Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 30, 2008


I didn’t get much knitting in while I was at camp and I hadn’t done much since I got home either. Last night, however, I finally shook off my knitting doldrums and got busy with the beret I started at camp. Today I finished it. Yip yip yahoo!

Specs: Last-Minute “Purled” Beret by Wendy Bernard. Knit in the Schachenmayr nomotta Bravo Crazy Color I won from Grace. As the pattern called for heavy worsted I double stranded the DK weight Crazy color to acheive something close to gauge. My usual Magic Loop method on Addi Lace needles, size 9.

The idea is to block the finished beret on a plate after turning it inside out so that it looks like you purled the whole thing. I like the “right side out”, so I went ahead and finished with a little knob at the top of the hat. Also, because it is 100% Acrylic, I doubt blocking will change anything, but I may go ahead and try it anyway.

As you can see, it fits pretty far around this good-sized plate. I’m really a tad concerned that the ribbing isn’t as tight-fitting as it could be. I need to test it on another head, then I’ll decide what to do from there.

While I was getting the beret ready for photos, I thought I’d go ahead and give the Berroco Comfort scarf a few shots too. That’s when I noticed I had never woven in the ends…oops. Done now.

The finished scarf is about 54 inches long and 5 1/2 inches wide including the border. Again, because it is 100% Acrylic I won’t bother blocking this one either.

This photo shows the colors better. While not usually a fan of Acrylic, I confess, this yarn is very nice and soft. I wouldn’t be ashamed to give it as a gift. (to a non-knitter)

Once I finsihed the Comfort scarf, I just kept right on going. I finally got the oomph I need to go back to the pink suede purse I knit a month or so ago and do the finishing on that project. I dragged out the old sewing machine, iron, and ironing board, collected fabric, thread, and bobbin, and got that baby lined and assembled. Whew…The pictures don’t reflect it yet, but I even got down to the local JoAnns and bought buttons and an applique to complete the look. Note to self: Do not make another purse anywhere near 11 1/2 inches wide!

Don’t you love the paw-print liner?


  1. LOVE the fabric in the purse. Too cute! I must learn to sew some day…

    All of your FOs are lovely. Looks like you’ve been busy, no matter what you say.

  2. I really like that scarf. I was wondering where you got that pattern. I haven’t been able to find it. The little purse is cute also.

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