Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 26, 2008

Smoked Out

You may have heard by now that there are over 800 wildfires burning in California, many of them here in the north part of the state. All of those fires are making a lot of smoke, which is being pushed down by a weather pattern called an inversion. Long story made short, we had to shut down the camp for the health of the kids and staff. A fair number of those kids were not able to go home since their towns were evacutated due to the fires themselves. What a huge disappoinment to have camp cancelled after only half the week, but how much worse to also be worried about whether their homes would still be standing when the week was done.



  1. Oh my. I was wondering this morning how many of my CA pals were being impacted by this. I’m so sorry. Prayers headed west…

  2. 800! Wow! We finally got to see some blue sky today, but I can’t help thinking it’s cause all the smoke got blown inland.

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