Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 21, 2008

Are Wednesdays Becoming Random?

Or is it just me? Probably that one. I’m becoming random!

This morning the dog came in from the yard with about a hundred little round sticker-burrs stuck to her fur. The boy and I tortured her carefully removed all of them. All attempts to get the boy to go out into the hot wind and dig up the offending weeds failed. Poor Hubby Dearest, who finally has a day off, is un-happily making the attempt now at removing the nasty stuff. I should be glad only one dog went out to play/roll in the stuff.

We ordered a new clothes valet (we call it a clothes tree) for Hubby recently. Last week a book shelf showed up. It took several days and dozens of emails, but I think the proper item is now on it’s way. Sometimes it seems like nothing is easy!

The Mr. Pitt socks are moving forward again. One heel flap down, one half done. I doubt I’ll get past turning the heel today, as the plan is to go to see Prince Caspian with Hubby later. Woohoo, a date!

The pink Lyon Suede bag knitting is done, after a second skein was found and purchased on Friday. Now on to construction. I need the best mothod for attatching the strap to a lined, flat bag. Any thoughts?

Oh, and good news! I won a contest over at Grace’s blog. Big, big, grin….A two-fold win for me. She picked the shawl to give that I thought was the most awesome, although it was very hard to choose, and, I won the yarny prize. Cool, huh?

This is what I feel like doing today….Wanna join me?


  1. Ugh. Thankfully, neither of my dogs can attract burrs of any sort with their short, slick coats.

    Congrats on your win!

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