Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 14, 2008

Keeping Very Busy

For the last few days, I’ve been really busy. I’ll go back to Thursday, which should have been an “easy” day. In fact, last week should have been an “easy” week, as some of my students took the week off to participate in a local fair, which cut my class load down a good bit. Somehow, though, it didn’t work out to be so easy. It seems several of my students are struggling with focus as we near the finish line of this school year. Thursday afternoon class was full of stress and struggle. After that class, I get an hour and a half off, then there is a meeting which is held here regularly early in the evening. I usually try to sit down, catch up on the email and blogs and things before tidying up for the meeting. But again, somehow the sit down and rest part just didn’t happen.

Friday morning was good. We had the first meeting of our “new” daytime Knit Group. We’re trying out the room at Knitting Pretty, which is kid-friendly, and which feature helps several of our gals have a hope of coming. It went pretty well, with 7 or 8 gals coming for all or part of the time. This is more than we have seen at any Knit Day or Night for quite a few weeks. It was really nice to see gals who hadn’t made it in a while, and we got to meet two ladies, too.

Saturday, it was Mom’s Morning Out with the Homeschool group, followed by a trip up the hill to Mt. Hope for their Ladies Tea. I was gone from 9:20 until 6:30. I had a great day, but boy was I tired! The round trip drive is about 4 hours and there was a good bit of traffic most of the way up and back. I love being at Mt Hope, the tea and food were very nice, and it was good to see lots of friends and acquaintances I hadn’t seen since last summer. They had TWO chocolate fountains! One for milk chocolate and one for white. Tami, Debbie, and Pam did an awesome job setting things up.

Sunday….Mother’s Day. After our usual 8:30 -12:30 morning at church we went out to lunch with friends Becky and Asa at our fav local diner. Hubby Dearest had to head out to work after that, so I had a little quiet time with dogs before I had to go set-up for my Perspectives class. It’s been an awesome class, but it has also been a really long haul. We have completed 14 of the 15 weeks and I am ready to just stay home on Sunday night! With set-up, clean-up, and class time, the whole deal keeps me out from 5:45-10ish each week. Can you tell I’m getting tired?

I’m almost done with this combination catch-up post and rant. I sure hope you got a nice cup of tea before you started this!

I’m putting on a tea at Church on Saturday at 1pm….I’ve got a meeting/workshop all morning long before that. I’ve got a kid graduating in two weeks, and in homeschool you get the priviledge of putting on (including planning) the graduations. We’ve got a lot to do and not much time left. Ack! I haven’t sent out invites/announcements yet! Oh, and same kid has a piano recital next weekend, too. I’m ready for things to slow down a bit.

Whew…if you’ve made it this far, you get rewarded with a little knitting news. I’m nearly done with the legs on the Mr Pitts socks. I’d be done if it wasn’t for just one tiny thing….I dropped a stitch on one sock, and can’t figure how to bring it back up. I messed something up trying and now I need help to sort it out….soon, I hope. With that on hold, I needed something for simple keep-me-from-fidgetting knitting, and so I cast on what I hope will soon be a little purse. I got some pink Lyon Brand Suede at the El Cheapo store a while back. It is knitting up quite nicely. I’m just ready to bind off, then a little lining and seaming….figure out a handle and fastener….then, with luck, an FO.

Wish me luck, the busy-ness isn’t over yet. I have classes, meetings, interviews, etc to do, and lots and lots of cooking and baking for Saturday. If you don’t hear from me soon, call search and rescue!


  1. Whew! You made me tired just reading that, but the tea photos sure present a beautiful event, and I know the tea at church this weekend will be outstanding too.

  2. you ARE a busy woman! I need to pick your brain about the homeschool thing. The girl, the man and I are so DONE with public high school. Plus, she wants to get a head start on college courses. Love the chocoalte fountains…mmmmmm ;0 have a great day..Oh…and lets start a new Scrabble game shall we?

  3. I was going to say exactly what Chan said, I am in awe!

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