Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 8, 2008

This N That

Okay, I admit it. This is really another random post. I need to get my A-B-c Along post up, and my Gracious Hopital-i-Tea post, too, but I haven’t gotten my photos together for those yet, so randomness it is.

Knitting. Yup, been doing it. I finished another little hat, started for lecture knitting. I had a tiny bit of Simply Soft left from previous projects too use up, so I started with that and then added in some Patons wool to fill things out. I like it, and others have said they do too, so yeah for an FO, any Fo!

I coudn’t stand it any more, life without socks, that is, and the result is a pair of Mr. Pitt’s socks in Lorna’s Laces Charcoal. These are almost as simple as plain vanilla socks, and I am hopeful they will be good lecture knitting. They already proved themselves to be good movie knitting. (grin) Margaret came over for Knit Day yesterday and we watched one of my favorite funny movies. Undercover Blues. If you think Dennis Quaid is cute, and Kathleen Turner funny, go rent it, or add it to your Netflix Queue.
Oh yeah, a picture of of the knitting would be good here.

What is this, and why is it on my blog?

It used to be attatched to this handsome young man. He got his hair cut for his new job, which also requires he be clean shaven. Big changes for my recent returnee from Hawaii, with his pony tail, mustache, and goatee!

And finally, a gratuitous picture of two of my favorite family members together.



  1. Whoa what a lock of hair! Is he planning to donate it? Where’s the “before” photo? Lovely final photo though!!

  2. That was quite a ponytail. I love the Lorna’s Laces Charcoal. Pretty!

  3. Wow. Your two fav’s are so great looking in the images.

    I too think I ‘m going to knit a pair of socks. I havent’ since Christmas. Lost my sock mojo…but IT”S BAAAACK

  4. LOL… Instead of spring fever, it seems we have SOCK fever! I’m itching for socks on the needles too.

  5. I am sure he is sick of it, but he looks quite handsome all cleaned up.
    Probably not much different than before if he was neat and clean. Pony tails I like, it is the loose flying hair on guys that drives me nuts. While full, trimmed beards look good, it is those five chin hairs that rate right up there with comb overs.

    Hope the new job is worth it (grin)

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