Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 1, 2008

Tea, Tea, and More Tea!

The White, Green, Black, and Herb of Tea


Tell about your favorite tea. How do you prepare it and serve it? Milk and sugar? Plain? What are some of your best memories of serving or sipping on this tea? Share a picture if you can. Tell the health benefits of the tea(s) you prefer. Where do you purchase your tea? Is there someplace you enjoying purchasing tea from? Who from and where?


This is going to be a fun week for me! I have so many “favorite” teas, how will I ever choose one? I usually use loose tea for my daily cuppa and for special occasions as well. I keep an assortment of bagged teas on hand for those who want de-caffeinated or herbal, but to be honest, they are rarely used by family. We are pretty much all black tea drinkers around here.

On a typical day, I heat my bottled water (ours is very hard well water) in my nice, semi-new electric kettle. Then, I pour it into a pre-heated teapot over the tea leaves, which are in either a tea sock or a paper filter. Brew for three minutes, and yes, I do use a timer. When time is up, the filter or sock is removed, and a nice cozy goes onto the pot along with the lid. Pour into a cup which already has a dollop of half-and-half in it, and sip the delicious nectar …..ahhhh!

Favorite teas include Irish, Scottish, or English Breakfast blends, with some of my favorite brands being Murchie’s, Yorkshire Red or Gold, from Taylor’s of Harrogate, or the one sold in bulk at the local food co-op.  I also covet a nice cup of Oestfriesen Tee, which is blended in Germany, and a bit hard to find here. I first had this tea with our German exchange son, Martin, and for many years he was my supplier. Now that he is living in the U.S. I’ve had to get more creative. A Ravelry friend, from the Cuppa Tea group sent me an entire ½ kilo of this wonderful tea a few months ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you Hilary! I also discovered it is sold at Upton Tea online. Yeah.


I do purchase a good bit of my tea online, as I prefer loose teas and they are not found in much variety at a location convenient to my home. I buy from and as well as from Adagio and Upton. I buy bagged tea in the grocery store, at the co-op, at Trader Joe’s, or wherever I am that I find something interesting for a good price. I like several of The Republic of Tea’s blends, especially their limited edition teas which come out in time for Christmas. The Tea of Good Tidings, Rose Petal Tea, and Comfort and Joy are all delicious and special.

The truth is, I have a tea stash to rival any good yarn stash. I enjoy helping others to add to their tea stashes, too. For now, I’ll go ahead and flash my stash for your viewing pleasure.

First, My collection of Republic of Tea

Followed by the Murchie’s assortment. I have English Breakfast, Apricot, Empress Afternoon, and #22

The Oestfriesen Teas….

Adagio and Englishteastore collections plus some swap tea

Other black teas….

A few choice herbals…

And, the Tea Caddy box, filled with de-cafs and herbals. Hubby Dearest bought this years ago for me, filled with Bigelow teas, it was….

And no, this is not the exhaustive list…I got tired of dragging out and putting away!
I’d like to add a photo of tea with special memories, but time is up, and technical difficulties are rampant…maybe later, if life allows.


  1. You have quite a collection of tea! I see some that I would like to try. My first one will be Yorkshire.

  2. What an impressive stash of tea and so many kinds I’d never heard of before!

  3. Wow!!! Your stash rivals mine. I can’t remember what we were talking about purchasing, but I said we wouldn’t have enough room.
    DH said we would if I got rid of all the tea. Imagine!!

    My favourite cuppa through most of the day is Yorkshire Gold with a splash of skim milk. Yes, I’ve had to become health-conscious in my old age. I actually prefer it now to whole milk or half’n’half.

    Maybe one day next week I’ll post pics of my tea stash. Today, it’s going to be pics of my garden.

  4. Oh, I am a Murchie’s tea fan in a big way! Their blend number 22 is my favorite. Yummmy!

  5. Thank you for dragging out even part of your tea collection, and for suggesting some new online vendors for me to try.

  6. I’m only a tea enthusiast myself but I love to read your post about tea, is very educative. I love black and green teas, my favorite right now is Adagio’s Irish breakfast with a little milk.

  7. You do have a lot of tea!
    I plan on trying some of them. 🙂 thanks!

  8. That was fun and educational! Thanks for the mini-lesson.

  9. i am with you on the yarn rivaling the tea stash, I quit counting at 47 different types i just didn’t want to dig out any more

  10. Great post! I love your tea stash! It rivals mine. There is something about ‘tea’ — the fragrance, the texture, the look, the taste — it’s addicting (and I’m not talking about the caffeine!). Thank you so much for sharing a great post — I’m interested in the teas you enjoy and will try some new ones as a result of your recommendations.


  11. Wow! What a stash! Is that some Russian tea I see in the picture with PG tips? You have enough teas there to start your own store. 🙂

  12. I love the pictures of all of your teas. I have never thought about owning a kettle but it sounds like a good idea. l love your tea caddy. Thanks for sharing

  13. This is impressive! I loved seeing all of the variety here. (Tea packaging is so cool anyway!) And a tea chest! Well, I’m walking away green.

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