Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 28, 2008

Saturday At The Park?

Okay, it was very park-like, but really, we were at the Fairfgrounds. The event? Why, The Games, of course! What games, you ask? The Scottish Games and Gathering, aka The Higland Games.
We arrived at about 11 a.m. and met up with a couple of friends before making a bee-line over to the Stirling Stage to catch Men of Worth in their early performance. Because it was Wayne and Belinda’s first time at The Games, we made sure to get a good view of the Opening Ceremony, complete with the Parade of the Clans, and all the nice, Scottish animals. Belinda was enamored with the hawks.

When we strolled through the historical section, Wayne had fun with the weapons.

Hubby Dearest got a new ring. I only had to twist his arm a little bit.

We met up with Margaret (Irisheyes on Ravelry) and her clan at the Ceilidh in the evening. So, here we are all are at the Scottish Games….all these Irish folks…not me though, I just don’t belong. 😦

And the very best thing? Donny and James, aka Men of Worth, are going to be our guides and hosts in July when we go to Ireland for 11 days!! Two of these three are James and Donny; the third one is John Taylor, possibly the best fiddler on the planet.



  1. You’re going to Ireland this summer?! That’s so great!! What a nice vacation!!

  2. i love hawks, my son captured a few photos I adore back in the day and Tom has a tattoo of one over my bridal photo, it looks like my veil is a hawk head dress and its gorgeous. Ireland for 11 days how wonderful is the trip soon?

  3. What a fun day! Love the new ring your hubby got.

  4. Wow, what fun!

    (I’m a huge John Taylor fan- I’ve seen him several times playing with Brian MacNeill and Ed Miller at the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas. Have all his CDs. )

  5. Lucky you going to Ireland…can’t wait to see pics! :o) I have both Scots and Irish blood and soem of my Irish family were from Scotland. I’d love to see it some day. We didn’t get to hear Men of Worth or go to the Ceilidh. Kids couldn’t hang in that long, especially in the heat. Bummer that we missed you.

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