Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 21, 2008

H is For….

House, or Home

In the Beginning….

We started building our house seventeen years ago with this...<

A short time later…..

Under Construction<

By April 1995 we had the yard mostly in…notice the tiny plants

Completed House<

“H” is also for Holiday

I thought it would be fun to show how the House became a Home, as seen through the eyes of Christmas, 1994, when Martin from Germany was first part of our family. For the record, all the living room decor has long since changed….

 Christmas Tree Corner<

The Stocking were hung by the Stove haphazardly….

Pellet stove with stockings<

Martin showing off his package from his other home

A package from Home<

As I looked at the first picture it struck me how many gifts were piled about the tree. Something about 7 people living in our household that year may partially explain what now looks like waay too much. The other explanation I would offer is this: Many of those gifts were soon to go to the homes of friends and family.

Family is the Heart of a Home….the rest is just the House.


  1. Great pics! Fun to see the evolution of the house.

  2. Great idea about the house pics, they’re lovely. We’re building too so I’ll take pictures too.

  3. Nice post! I need to get mine up…hey, I have one more day! Except we are going to be in your neck of the woods for the Highland Games tomorrow. Like the style of your house. Very nice. So, did you ever pick up any German?

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