Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 17, 2008

Dressed To A Tea

This week for the Gracious Hospital-i-Tea blogathon we are to share ideas for dressing up for afternoon tea.

To be honest, while I think dressing up is fun, it is something we have rarely done around here. That said, here is a picture of the Scrabble girls at our Christmas Tea 2005.

Earl Grey Tea Salon, December 2005

They had some fun stuff there to “dress up” with, so we took a fun photo, too.

Christmas Tea fun photo, 2005

This was our group at Tea this past December. As you can see, we did a little bit of Christmas theme dressing, but still no so much.

December 2007 Christmas Tea

When we went to Afternoon Tea at Murchies, in Victoria BC, everybody made an effort to look nice.

Three Friends at Murchies

And I wore one of my tea pins

Two Friends

Which, really, is what I most commonly do. I have two nice pins with tea themes and two pairs of tea earrings. No matter what else I may chose to wear, I will usually wear these earrings, or a pin, or both.

To me, the truly important thing about a Tea Party, is WHO I am spending the time with. I love the atmosphere of a nice Tea Room, or a well-set Garden Tea, however, my personal favorite tea is more intimate. Give me good friends, a comfortable chair,and hot tea, and I’ll be happy. Fresh scones are optional, but always welcome!

Just for grins, to quote my friend Risa, I’ll include a picture of a real Lady,(my friend Stacy) in what might be considered proper Tea attire, gloves and all!

Stacy in High Style




  1. Dressing up on occasion can be nice.

    And then there is the English tea – more like afternoon snack or early supper from what I have been able to figure out.

    If it is not High Tea, one does not dress.

    Culture shock….

  2. Wonderful post! And I’m so jealous of your tea at Murchies! I’ve heard of this tea room many times, but have never been there myself. How fun to have a group of friends to share good times with! Even when you weren’t ‘dressed up’ y’all looked very nice! How special to have tea-themed earrings and pins to wear to tea, signifying a special tea-time event. I’m so glad you posted again this week!


  3. Lovely tea times with your friends! My mother had a coat just like the one in the last photo only hers was a different color! I agree it is the friendship we share that make tea time special not what we wear!

  4. You and your friends look perfectly lovely to me. I’d love to partake of tea in such a beautiful setting. I think the smiles are the prettiest adornments of all! Your friend Stacy looks great in her vintage clothing!

  5. super post, I love all the photos and the genuine happiness that exudes from everyone!!!

  6. What a lovely post! You are right, the people you are with is the most important thing. Fun times. Risa looks great!

  7. Oh, I also wanted to say thank you for reminding me about Munchies. I was there several years back with friends when in Victoria. Thanks for the memories…

  8. I enjoyed reading this and seeing the photos, looks like everybody had fun! I love the vintage coat, hat and gloves!


  9. Love the proper tea attire and the poem! I got a whistling tea kettle for Christmas! Doesn’t tea and coffee just seem to taste better in good china? It may all be in my mind, but for some reason it just does.

  10. You seem to have wonderful friends. 🙂 Looks like you have a great time together. I loved the last picture.

  11. Great photos! And I mean all of them… I loved your “h” post too!

  12. Thanks for lurking and entering my contest! I think I originally found you through, Grace! loving comfort grace. I love your blog

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