Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 10, 2008


You knew it would happen eventually, or at least I hope you did. I got all the stars to align everything together to show some Knitting in Progress, some Finished Objects, a swap package, and even a little yarn porn!

First, the adorable Wee Tiny sock from Patricia, my Wee Tiny swap upstream partner. It is such a pretty, Springy little sock, and it came with a very nice little Spring notepad, too. Many thanks for the lovely package.

Wee Tiny sock and notes.

My downstream Pal was none other than Emily of Yarn Miracle, the swap hostess herself! As usual, I forgot to get pictures of my own Wee Tiny socks before mailing, so you can check them out on her blog. While you’re there, scroll down to see the very special item Emily was busy knitting together most of last year. (hint, it is a wee tiny person)

I also got FO pictures of two more dishcloths. The pink and green self-designed model knit with leftover Twist.

Pink and Green Twist combined

And a Lime green cloth in my new favorite pattern, Garden Rows Rib

Garden Rows Rib cloth

I’ve also completed one of the socks for Amy’s new additon. I call it the J-Girl sock, since I designed it in her honor. Right now there is a cute little video of J-Girl up on her blog.

The Scotch Thistle Lace scarf is much of they way through the first half. This one is going to grow a lot when it’s blocked! I’m not getting much opportunity to knit this, as it doesn’t make good classroom knitting since I need to follow the pattern.

And finally, I’ll leave you with a little yarn porn. While reading blogs the other day, I found something very interesting on Grumperina’s blog. She has been given the honor of having a Lorna’s Laces colorway named for her! It is very pretty, and currently only available from Birds-N-Yarn
Well, I decided I needed some, so off I went to the website. That was late night on April 6th. I got the yarn today…wow, what speedy service!

Oh, and while I was there, this Mill End from Cherry Tree Hill jumped into my cart, also. It’s almost a full 1000 yards, weighing in at 8.6 ounces. That is enough for a nice shawl somewhere down the road.


  1. Oh that wee sock is as cute as can be!! Lovely stash additions too! I love that Grumperina colorway!

  2. It’s all so pretty… I don’t know what to oooh! over first.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. What a gorgeous colorway. I have been ordering from Linda on eBay for a long time. I checked out her store and unfortunately her prices there are a little higher but she has awesome service.

    JGirl’s socks are cute, but not as cute as her! :o)

  4. i am so envious! i want grumperina yarn!

  5. I love the tiny sock! and I loooove that grumperina colorway, I bet it looks great all knited up but I’m curious will it stripe?

  6. wow what great pron!!! between the yarn and the knitted items, its all delicious!

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