Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 9, 2008

Stitches For Tea

This is week four of the Gracious Hospital-i-Tea blog-a-thon. This week’s assignment is to:
Share ideas and pictures that involve stitching for the tea table.

Most of the Tea-related stitchery I have for this post was knit or sewn as gifts for others. I have a hard time taking the time to make things for myself. I began sewing tea cozies long before I ever thought about knitting one. My friend Elizabeth and I wanted to open a tea room together, but it wasn’t practical at the time. We amused ourselves by planning the menu, making cozies, baking things for testing, and printing up business cards for a Tea Party Catering service. Most of the cozies were sold at charity fund-raiser, and very few parties were catered, but we had loads of fun!

Click on pictures for full size view!

These are a few of the cozies I’ve made this last year and a half. I made more of them, but I didn’t take their pictures.

First, is the cozy I made for Chan, whom I’ve never met save online. She is so sweet, I can hardly wait until the chance to be face to face arises.



  1. Oh! I have seen Chan’s on her blog — I was wondering if that was the one you made. Tis! …. mmm that blue one looks sneakily gorgeous!!!

  2. Well, your sweet gift is getting double billing, because I blogged about it too! You do make some beautiful cozies.

    We will have tea together one day, somehow!

  3. What beautiful gifts you’ve made for your friends. I enjoyed reading your post.

  4. i absolutely love your cozies, they are just gorgeous Ruth!

  5. You have made some beautiful cozies!

    I have posted something else on my blog tonight!


  6. I loved seeing all your cozies. I have thought about making one but do not have a real size tea pot as I am always just drinking by myself. Do cozies really make it stay hot longer or do they just look pretty? :o)

  7. What a wonderful collection of cozies! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Very NICE Tea Cozies! I only have one and I bought it at a Thrift store already ON a Teapot. Two for one kind of thing. HA!
    I have one that I need to make. I have all the supplies but haven’t taken the time to do it. Blah!
    You do a great job….those are really nice gifts.
    Thanks for showing them.

  9. I love the green merino one! It looks like a comfy little sweater on your pot, so cute!

  10. I need to make a tea cozy. I love yours. Which was the simplest to knit???? NO challenges for me this week. I have a sore throat….:)

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