Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 5, 2008


Whew…I’m going get to in just before the end of week three for the Gracious Hospitial-i-Tea posting for the blog-a-thon. This week’s theme is (was):


Share ideas and pictures that incorporate tea and/or tea themes into home decor. Displays, art, prints, fabrics, and collection all count in this category. Do you use teapots and teacups as a part of your home decor? If so, describe how.

So. yes, I do use some Teaware as part of my home decor. Most, or much of the teaware on display is in the dining room. That’s where the hutch is and where I have felt safe displaying delicates, as the kids, now men, didn’t go in there much. In previous posts I have shown the hutch and the bookcase with teaware. In addition, I showed the hanging cup display, but I like it, so I’ll show it again!

I also have a little table in the corner which always has some kind of teaware displayed. Right now it has a hodge-podge.

Here is a close-up of the miniatue Japanese tea set I received last year from the parents of our exchange student.

In the living room, you can find tea-related decor on the piano.

And the other side of the piano, along with my Queen of All pincushion. (it was a gift, I did NOT buy it)

I like to keep a tea tray ready in case of visitors. This is a new one for spring, which will soon reside on the little table in the dining room. It’s all ready to go….

…..inside, or even out to the backyard patio, where right now the weather is lovely and the flowers add all the special touches needed. In summer, hubby and I often take our morning tea/coffee right here.

Special thanks to Amy, aka Knittinmom who loaded the pictures for me from her computer!


  1. I was so glad to check the list today and find one last post! I’m glad you were able to log in for week #3. You have some lovely tea items. I love your tea-display racks. You also have a blue and white RUSSIA teacup and saucer that is SO pretty! I’ve noted that two or three other bloggers have show it in the blog-a-thon. I don’t have the teacup and saucer, but I do have the teapot! I received it from my youngest for Christmas. The luster finish on the porcelain is so pretty!

    🙂 LaTeaDah

  2. Hello Ruth, what beautiful tea-decor you have. Your pictures are so lovely, it makes me want to heat the tea water now. Thank you for sharing and I’m glad you made it to week 3!

  3. Your tea things are wonderful…the Japanese set is lovely. (I LOVE your pincushion.) I also think that it is marvelous to keep a tea tray at the ready for guests…really nice idea.

  4. Re- the upload issue. Most likely it is a browser issue. There were some early problems with IE6 which should be resolved. The early Firefoxes – same. No clue about Opera or Netscape. Safari hasn’t been an issue as noted on the testers list.

    Email me off line and I might be able to help.


  5. oh Ruth beautiful things, its amazing the amount of similar interests we have!

  6. I’m so glad WordPress decided to let you post. Such beauTEA!

    I love that you keep a tea tray at the ready. What a gracious hostess you are…

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