Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 3, 2008

“G” Is For…..

Green and Growing In The Garden of Life

As usual, click for full sized photos.

For my first green, I’d like to show you a snippet of the new carpet and wall (one only) in my bedroom. I’ll do a complete re-model update when it’s all back in place.

green in bedroom

Next, the Elm tree accross the street from my house. This evening with the setting sun shining on it, it was the most amazing green!

Elm Tree

A mixture of green, growing things (in the garden)

green in garden

The grass, complete with Mulberry “caterpillars”

grass with “catepillars”

The divinely scented green mint plant


Notice how silvery the green of the poppies is?

poppy greens

Three different roses are just opening up, each plant with it’s own shade of green for the leaves!   (Blue-green)

rose greens 1

Dark Green

rose greens 2

And light green!

rose greens 3

We are also enjoying the new Spring green of the plum’s leaves, and the darker green of the tiny plums

plum greens

And this “G” is for…Green (thumbed), gracious, God-fearing, gentlewoman

gracious hostess


  1. Beautiful!! Green is one of my favorite colors, and I’m sure all the rain we’re getting will lead to more green around me too.

  2. Wonderful pictures! And, a great pic of Donna! 🙂

  3. sigh..lovely..thank you for reminding me that there is spring somewhere…as i sit in the middle of a snowstorm with 5″ accumulation since noon and no predicted let up for at least the next 24 hours. ….and you’re killing me in scrabble…i’m going to fix a cup of tea now..and read a Laura Child’s Tea Shop mystery (thanks for the tip..aren’t they just the coziest little pieces of fun!

  4. My godness that Elm tree is fantastic! Very pretty pics.

  5. It looks like you have a lovely yard. I enjoyed your green post. The color of your bedroom is really nice and soothing.

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