Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 28, 2008


I just thought I’d reassure you all that I do knit, and am still knitting daily. Not much some days, tis true, yet it still counts. I finished a pair of dishcloths for a friend’s birthday, which I really like. I found the stitch pattern last year in Amy’s knitting calendar and have been waiting for the right moment to give it a whirl. The stitch is called Garden Rows Rib and I can see it looking great in all kinds of applications. It is reversible, so I think a scarf or baby blanket will follow at some point. Lynda’s kitchen is green and pink, like the rest of her house, so I took out the Sugar ‘n Cream twists I bought last month and got to work.

Here are the pair of ’em

Lynda’s cloths

And a close-up of the stitch pattern

Lynda’s pink cloth

I’ve also got a half done half pink, half green cloth of my own garter stitch design going to finish off the balls of Twist.
In other knitting news, I’ve made one Wee Tiny sock and begun a second, in preparation for the Wee Tiny Sock swap this weekend. The Scotch Thistle Lace is coming along, although it certainly has slowed down since I stopped working on it!


  1. Those are perfect spring colors! So cute!

  2. very pretty. so springlike!

  3. Pretty! I hope you are enjoying the wee socks!

  4. beautiful knits, did you ever hear from the scarf guy???

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