Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 24, 2008

“F” Is For…..Flowers!

Tee hee, bet you couldn’t guess that one! I’ve already spent a good bit of blog space on pictures of the flowers in my yard, particularly the roses, but as it’s a new season things have changed a bit. The roses are still leafing out, no blooms yet, and only immature buds. The rest of the yard, however, is showing off its spring colors. I’ll also share some photos taken on our last trip to BC, in September of 2005.  And now, the flowers! If you wanna see them the best, click on photo. (after the first three)

Beautiful Fuscia, at Butchart Gardens


Delicate lavender “star”

little lavender “star’

Lotsa Larkspur

lotsa lilacs

I don’t recall the name, but they were pretty!

no name lavender flowers

A busy bed with coneflowers and more

coneflowers and more

A found this lovely, dewy rose in the yard of the house where we stayed just outside Victoria

dewey rose

There were many Begonias in many colors. I especially liked this one


And now, switching to my own garden this past week, we find Irises!


And Freesia I have several colors, these were the most cooperative.


Gerniums, the first of several you’ll see

pink geranium

My three lonely tulips, some purple freesia, and if you look closely, a dandelion!


My beautiful “ivy” geranium

ivy geranium

And to complete our tour, the brilliant coral geranium. I love how this almost glows in the early evening.

coral geranium

Except for the iris all these flowers are in my front yard. The back yard is waiting for a bit more sun/warmth and then we’ll see poppies and daisies, and gladiolas, and flowering mint, along with the roses. The plum tree flowered and was very pretty, but I missed getting a photo of it…darn. Thanks for taking the tour with me.


  1. Beautiful. I especially liked the iris, as I believe it’s the same color/variety as what we had when I was growing up. I should snatch some bulbs from the farm after they bloom…

  2. Love your photos!
    Thanks for stopping by my page. I am surprized at how many people have those teatime books. I must admit I don’t use it much as the measurements are so different.

  3. Your garden is to die for! I love the variety and the colors.

  4. Loved the flower pics…the ones in your yard are just as beautiful as the ones in Butchart! :o)

  5. What a gorgeous garden!

  6. […] actually tested it. Thank you so much, Ruth! I love the wee tiny fluted banister and the flower photographs on your blog are […]

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