Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 23, 2008

A “Just Because” Contest!

What a fun thing Anne is doing today over at her blog. She is having a contest, “just because”. And it’s super easy to enter, too. Just leave her a link with a blog you like, post her contest, and bam! You’re in. I told her how much I enjoy Jane’s blog over at Yarnstorm. She has a wonderful way with food, fabric, and photos. Check it out, I think you’ll like it too.

Sunrise over the bay in Victoria, BC     I thought this was appropriate as we celebrate Son Rise today. 🙂


In other thoughts….Today is Easter, or Resurrection Sunday as some call it, and this weekend was also Purim, besides being the inaugural weekend of Spring. I wonder how many of you are in the same boat we are. We have no family near-by to celebrate our holidays with, and I have a hard time making the day “special” for hubby, the boys, and myself. We rarely receive an invite to join friends for holidays as they mostly have families to celebrate with. We have tried to invite other’s over here for the the day, but, see above. Any of you have any suggestions how to make the holidays special for just our little group? Today after services we barbequed sausages. Now hubby dearest is sleeping, the boys are playing on the Wii, and well, here I am with my computer and my knitting. Not quite the special day I had in mind…..

Hope your weekend/holiday is joyful and full of blessings!



  1. What a beautiful photo. I don’t have any great suggestions on how to make the holiday your own. Thanksgiving was our “gap” without family, but Anne has stepped in and helped us create a new tradition!

  2. You’re making me miss home!!! Beautiful British Columbia 🙂

    As for the holiday with your family, I think just doing a couple things together is nice. You don’t want to have an action packed day that ends up straining everyone to get along. Maybe instead of parking in front of the TV after dinner for a show…. trying playing a game as a family, or having a walk to look at the Spring Flowers (now that the days should be getting longer after Daylight Savings). We used to do that at Christmas when it was just my sister and my parents and I — we’d go for a nice walk in the snow on Christmas Eve.

  3. I think its interesting, when my kids were little I truly wasn’t worried about tradition and let the kids have their way with what they wanted to do, NOW as I get older I wish we had more tradition for these holidays, we did go to my inlaws but the visit was strained and awkward, they are lousy cooks, so not even any good food to be had. No serious drinking, we had to drive, I would have been content to stay home but the girls and Tom wanted to be with people. I will be following your post to see if anyone has any great ideas!!

  4. I like traditions, so we have made a lot of our own. This is the first year that we were not “a partying” for Purim because of being spread across three countries.

    As long as you do something as a family, it should be ok. IMHO, it doesn’t make any sense to just “do something” if it doesn’t mean anything to anyone.

    Of course, teenagers don’t have a vote (grin)

  5. Awesome sunrise and you continue to make me homseick, since BC is like my second home. We watched One Night With The King for Purim. We were wondering when Passover will be this year, could you tell me? (or did I already miss it?)

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