Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 18, 2008

What’s That Noise?

Today my Geometry students had a little bit harder time than usual keeping their focus during class. It may have been their unhappiness with the results of the test I had just returned to them, or maybe it was just that “it’s almost Spring Break” fever that hits kids the week before freedom is in sight. Maybe. Could it possibly have been all the crazy noises coming from the room just above our heads? Or the people coming in and out and inturrpting class with questions about carpet and towels?  Anything is possible.

Here is the result of all that noise…

remodel 1

remodel 2

remodel 3

remodel 4

We’re having our bathroom re-done. It’s been 17 years, so it just seemed like time. Oh, and the cracked tiles, and the scratched up sink, and floor coming up at the edge of the shower, and….It is time! So today was demo day, which is the noisiest part of the whole deal, hence all the funny noises.

The carpet? No, not for the bathroom, we’re gonna have the bedroom painted and re-carpeted too. Seventeen years is a really long time in pink carpet years!


  1. Sounds like spring cleaning, only bigger, better, and longers lasting. 🙂 I know what you mean about the students getting flaky right before spring break, too.

  2. That’s fun! I wish I could report even the START of what I hope are our spring rennovations…

  3. What? No green to go with all that pink?????
    Oops – only 17 years, not 37!

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