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E Is For….


I confess to having some guilt about choosing England as my subject for “E” since Theresa posted her ABC-Along post several days ago and also featured England. But I finally decided it was silly to worry about it. Undoubtedly people will post  about the same subjects during this year long adventure. So, with a sigh of relief, since I didn’t really have anything else good to go on about, here are my England photos for your viewing pleasure.

I’ve been to England twice so far. The first trip was in 2000, before we owned a digital camera, so no pics from that trip can be shared. Too bad, as we stayed in Canterbury, at the University of Kent, which area was quite beautiful. The second trip was in 2005 and we had a chance to do a bit more sight-seeing than the first trip.

First stop, London, where the Bobbys helped Margaret, Jacqueline, and I locate the New Globe Theater


The New Globe is the only building in London with a Thatched roof, as thatches were outlawed after the Great Fire

New Globe

Downstairs we saw a sword fighting practice session for some actors

Golden Hind

And a whole bunch of knives, swords, and other weaponry used in their productions


As the Globe sits right next to the Thames River, we took the water taxi to our next stop. On the way we passed a replica of the Golden Hind.

Golden Hind

Our destination was the Tower of London, which I confess to being surprised to learn was not a single building. I didn’t do my homework before the trip, bad me. We were shown the entrance to the Traitor’s Gate on the river.

Traitor’s gate entrance

And I saw ravens. These are some seriously big birds. This guy was at least 1 foot tall! Our american crows look puny next to the ravens hanging around the Tower.

the raven

From London we drove to Bath. Or I should say, I drove to Bath. What an adventure. Driving on the “wrong” side of the road isn’t too bad on the big highways, but when you get to the “A” roads, basically one lane each direction, it gets much harder. By the time I drove into Bath with it’s ancient, narrow streets, I was freaking out. Oh, and did I mention how much fun shifting with my left hand was?

Of course we went to the Roman Era baths


Where we saw this great tile mosaic
tile mosaic

That trip I had my #2 son with me, I took this for proof

Andrew Bath

We only were able to see this famous landmark from the bus, on our way from London to Exeter, where we stayed for a week during the Conference. Can you tell how tiny the people are compared to the stones?


Near the University where we were staying, in town of Exeter was a very nice Natural History museum. I loved the huge giraffe.

Exeter giraffe

And, to finish off “E”, the beautiful Buckfast Abbey, where we had a field trip one day during the conference.

Buckfast Abbey

If you follow all the links from today’s post, you can say you have done your history lesson for the week as well!


  1. That was fun! I love a whirlwind tour through England any day! 🙂

  2. Lovely post. I hope that you get a chance to go again. Isn’t The Globe great?!

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