Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 13, 2008

Scotch Thistle Lace

Isn’t it amazing how much more time there seems to be when the one big thing that’s been eating up all your “spare” time goes away? I feel so free…for the next week, anyway. My Perspectives class is taking a Spring Break, so I get to breathe a little easier and I now have some almost guilt-free knitting time. Wahoo…who could ask for more?

So, yesterday during the Daytime knitting group meeting, which was at my house due to illness at Amy’s house, two wonderful things happened. First, Margaret finished her first pair of socks…ever! What a great feeling that is, and quite an accomplishment, too. Margaret started those socks just about two years ago, and although other’s may have given up on them, she never did. (not permanently) She thinks they look “wonky”. I think they look really nice for a first pair, especially ones knit over so long a time. Her gauge could have changed, she might have lost track of where she was, and all kinds of things. Congrats Margaret!

Margaret’s first socks

The second wonderful thing which happened yesterday was…drum roll please…I started a new lace scarf! I’m knitting the Scotch Thistle Lace pattern from Heartstrings. I bought it at Onefineyarn and am using the gorgeous Old Rose Cherry Tree Hill supersock. So far, so good. After last night and today’s little bit of knitting I’m already about 6 inches into it. The colors look great, and knitting with fingering weight is soooooo much better than lace weight, and the color issue is not even an issue! Take a peak at it. This pic is from yesterday, before I got very far along.

thistle scarf 1

And here you can see the colors a bit better, but they’re even better now that it’s longer!

thistle scarf 2


  1. I love the yarn color! It goes very well with the pattern.

  2. i have used that colourway in the laceweight and have another huge hank of it (2400 yds) in the cabinet but yours is brighter mine is a bit more subdued but I loved it, my first ever shawl called the Kerry Blue was out of it. and several other projects since there is so much in a skein! your lace looks beautiful and go Margaret!!!! I have never knit socks to this day

  3. I have been eyeing that pattern, and I LOVE that yarn with it. Yum!

    Those are some lovely socks. I think we all tend to judge ourselves harshly!

  4. Oh those socks are too cute. They are just ready to be danced in. She should be soooooo proud! IM proud of her

  5. Oh now you’ve inspired me to TRY lace again. The colors are sooooo lovely. I have to start with a really easy pattern. YOu motivated me!

  6. i love your snow

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