Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 8, 2008

RIP Estonian Lace

Can you hear the dirge playing in the background? It is signaling the demise of my oldest WIP, the Estonian Garden Lace Scarf. To call it a Work in Progress was really a misnomer as it hadn’t seen the light of day in months…and months. Well, yesterday, because a friend needed a size 4 needle, I made the big decision, or faced the truth, if you prefer. I wasn’t interested in continuing this project. There, I said it. I don’t want to make that scarf. I like the pattern and will probably knit it at sometime, but it won’t be in black laceweight! And although I did pull the needle out, I have yet to frog the piece. So I give you one last look at the lace that never really was or will be. RIP Estonian Lace.

final estonian lace

In other, happier news, my new test knit is going quite well. I can hardly wait to be able to share with you all the lovely pattern my friend has worked up. She is so sweet…look at the little gift she had for us yesterday. I’m proud to be able to add that to my blog.

test badge 2



  1. RIP… I’m glad you have something you’re knitting that makes you happy. Knitting is fun…

  2. were waaaay more ambitious than i could ever hope to be….black..laceweight…hahaha…well..let the old girl RIP I say! It is a lovely pattern but will be just as lovely in something else later on. Have a super week!

  3. so sorry for the demise of the lace!!! :o(

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