Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 29, 2008

Just In the Nick of Time…

“D” is for…..Daffodils. These are growing in the front yard, trying to tell us Spring is coming.


“D” is also for Dominos.
We used to have a lot of fun playing various games with our friends James and Elizabeth, who have sadly moved to PA. Anyone else know how to play 42, Nell, or 7’s? I’m up for a game!


And, of course, “D” is also for Dogs!

Misty playing with Sasha’s ball

ball Misty

Sasha with her pink ball

Sasha with pink ball

Dear Gita, who left us just a few short weeks ago…

Dear Gita

We like dogs enough, that when we found this one running loose in the grocery store parking lot we captured her, hoping to find her people. Sadly, she was not able to be matched up with her family, who may very well have dumped her, but we passed her on to the local SPCA after a week. We called her Lady.


I had hoped to have a new picture of Abby to show you, but I forgot the camera when I was there the other day! Oh well, another time will have to do.

“D” is also for depression and dislocation. Don’t ask about the first one….the second is one of life’s little mysteries. Last night, while looking for some knitting directions on the web, I realized my right hand pointer finer hurt…a lot. How does one dislocate their finger surfing the web?! Sheesh. Needless to say, it is affecting my ability to knit. Not stopping me, bet slowing things down considerably.


  1. Oh Ruth, I’m so sorry to hear your dog passed away recently. I hope time can help your depression fade and the happy memories become stronger.

  2. Hi,
    When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.

  3. You know I love the doggy photos. So sweet.

    No flowers yet here. Soon I hope!

  4. Ruth –

    condolences on the pup, even when they are old – if you ask them, they will tell you they are young.

    And that other D word, it is actually better to recognize it because then there are choices and potential solutions.

    Personally I like the one that includes a lot of sunshine in my face when the winter is dark and threatening to start a discouraging spiral.


  5. Although of different size, our Sasha and your Sasha have a similar appearance.

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