Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 21, 2008

Tea That IS Me

I find it amusing that my little tea quiz pegged me as being the one black tea I consistently dislike. I’ve only had two Earl Greys that I care for at all. One is Murchie’s Earl Grey, the other is Republic of Tea’s Earl Greyer….I shudder to think of being asked to drink any other. On the flip side, many of the men I know who drink tea list Earl Grey as their favorite. Hmm…Let’s do an un-scientific poll. Leave me a comment with your gender and whether or not you like Earl Grey, I’m really quite curious.

What Kind of Tea Are You?

Want to try again?


  1. I don’t care for bergamot ever since I ate too much bergamot-flavored turkish delight, but I used to like it because it’s what Jean-Luc Picard drinks. Ask any Star Trek fan. I had a friend who used to order his tea at the local diner like Captain Picard ordering tea from a replicator, “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” LOL!

  2. I do like Earl Grey but it’s not my favorite. However, the two men in my life both only prefer Earl Grey. Maybe it really is a man thing.

    And just think, if you’re Earl Grey, the men must love you!!!

  3. Love one big mug of it some mornings, but always with milk and Splenda!

  4. I’m female, and I drink Earl Grey when I’m in the mood for it.

    It’s not my favorite or primary tea (which is, well, cheap black tea from the supermarket actually, but I go through a lot of it). I like English Breakfast and chai and I also drink a lot of herbal teas (when I don’t want the caffeine).

  5. I did the quiz I was Green Tea, while I enjoy it my favs are Lady earl grey, earl grey and darjeeling!!! But I just like tea—with some honey no milk unless its Starbucks Chai Latte

  6. I’m with you. I don’t like Earl Grey and my result was it too!!

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