Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 20, 2008

I. Am. Not. Worthy.

Woa… know how I said last week that I was spoiled? It is sooo true. I got my Misfit Cocoa Swap box from Lisa today, and it was just unbelievable!

First off, it was a nice, big box, and it was filled right up to the top with tissue wrapped goodies.

cocoa swap 1

I waited only long enough to grab the camera before digging in. The more I pulled out of the box, the more I saw still in the box! This is one layer down…see the cute little house box?

cocoa swap 2

This set shows all the yummys for the tummys. Lisa packed in jelly, nuts, candy, tea, and of course, cocoa. I may not share the Blueberry Cocoa…:-)

cocoa swap 3

Besides good things to eat and drink there was the fiber goodness of four balls of Esprit, two hanks of the most gourgeous LLama silk blend, several loverly little purple stitch markers, and a teapot marker as well. In addition to all of that I found the nicest pair of green and brown fingerless mittens knit up just for me!

cocoa swap 5

Here is a close-up of the teapot marker, followed by the beautiful flower buttons. I love, love, love these buttons, and they color match the llama/silk super well.

cocoa swap 6

cocoa swap 7

Still not at the bottom of the box yet…. a metal Alaska bookmark

Alaska bookmark

Some personal pampering items (the soap is molded in an Earth Mother mold, hysterical)

cocoa swap 9

And, for the grand finale…..a Moose mug!!

moose mug

Isn’t he awesome? Isn’t Lisa awesome, too? Not to mention Grace, for putting this Misfit swap together and saving me from the land of left-out-of-the-swapness. I am totally blown away by all of this, and so it is true. I am not worthy. Thanks sooo much.


  1. Whoa! That’s quite the package there. I would have to put that incredible tea marker on a loop and have it put on my charm bracelet!

  2. absolutely fantastic, I need to get Lisa to send me one of those Moose mugs, I asked for a funky mug for Christmas but no one found one they thought was cool I love that one. I finished a shawl for Lisa a couple of years back, and she sent me a box of goodies, the tea sampler was awesome, if you see Lisa signed up for a swap you have to sign up too!!!! Glad you enjoyed it

  3. omg! too many moose posts for one week! one with daniel and now all these!?

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