Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 16, 2008

“C” Is For

“C” is for Collection. I have been known to collect a few things over the course of time, but to keep this (somewhat) brief I’ll focus on one of my favorite collections; Teacups. However, because the Cookbooks felt bad about being left out of the “B” is for post, I’ll give that collection just one photo. 🙂

The Cookbook Collection (mostly)

C 2

My cup cupboard, where many, but not nearly all of my teacups live.

C 1

This is the cup I use daily for my tea. I bought it for myself, which is fairly rare. It is called Desert Rose.

C 3

These are five of the many teacups my step mother has given me. She bought these on the net, which is pretty good for a gal who was in her 70’s at the time. I love the various colors, patterns, and materials. Some of the cups are soo thin you can see light through them! All of these were one birthday gift. Wow, huh?

C 4

These four lucky cups and their saucers get to be featured on the wall display. I originally thought I would rotate which ones got to hang there monthly, but it has never happened. I love to look at these, and their colors suit the room. Three of these are Russian porcelin from the Royal factory. Each is handpainted. I love the cobalt blue. The fourth cup/saucer is Highland Beauty.

C 5

A pair of beautiful rose and ivy cups. The first one was a gift from a friend, who also later gave me a cute honey pot to match, as well as some other accessories. The second cup I bought at Butchart Gardens, in BC, along with a little cream/sugar set. These are the cups chosen most often by lady guests in my home.

C 6

The beautiful Bavarian china cups which were my grandmother’s have a delicate little “pedestal” on them. I have a set of six of these, but they are rarely used. Because the “pedestal” is ruffled, the cup is less stable and frightens people who are worried about breaking them.

C 7

Don’t you love the delicate size and bold colors of this set? Again, there are six of these, and I wish I could remember all of the details, but I think they were my grandmother’s as well. The reason I am not sure is because they did not com directly to me, but made a stop on the way, so we’re guessing here.

C 8

Last to get shared (not the end of the cups, though) are two sets which came to me from our Foreign Exchange students. Martin, our “son” from Germany and his folks gave us an entire tea set! The chose the lovely American Mayflower pattern for us. I still have and use the pot and six cups, but unfortunately, with 4 boys in the house, the cream and sugar have become unusable.


Our student from Japan, who lived with us last year, also gifted me a pair of delightful and delicate cups. The are very lightweight and shallow, so that although they are in the European style, they do have a noticable difference about them, just a hint of Asia or Japan, to make them quite special.

C 10


  1. Wow! Those are beautiful teacups! My sis and I each inheirited 6 a lot like your 5 from your stepmom, from our great aunt…and after a few years, I gave my sis my 6. This was before I knew you, of course! Otherwise, they’d be yours. 🙂

  2. Yea Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook!!

    I love the blushing of the set that may have been your grandmothers. Personally I would use the rose & ivy ones… although I’d be scared I’d shatter them by accident.

  3. I loved the tour of your tea cups and china! :o)

  4. Lovely cups.
    Teapots too?
    If not – you might want to check out the Bodrum tea pot (lovely double-walled with built in strainer) in case your DH is looking for a gift!

  5. Lovely. Sigh. I love to LOOK at pretty tea cups, but I’m a mug, a big honkin’ mug, kinda’ girl… Thank you for sharing your collection with us!

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