Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 11, 2008

Why I Am The Queen

By the ScrabbleQueen

I have to do this quickly, before anything comes along to disrupt my Queenly universe. As of 6:15 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Saturday, Feruary 9, I have re-claimed my title; The Scrabble Queen, in fact, The Super Scrabble Queen. You may curtsey. 🙂

My friends and I have played Scrabble together lo these many years. I know for sure we were playing before my currently 16 yr old was two, as we have photographic evidence. Somewhere along the line, many years ago, one of the players created The Cube. The Queen Cube. This is the way it works; Whoever wins this week’s game gets the Cube and is Queen. Lately we don’t play weekly, but you get the general idea.

The Cube in it’s holiday finery
cube in finery

The Cube, au naturale
cube au naturale

Anyway, Saturday afternoon three of us got together for Super Scrabble. Steph’s sister found it, it’s bigger than regular Scrabble. The board has quadruple word scores, and tons more triple word scores, not to mention quadruple letter scores, and more tiles. For example, there are two Q’s and three V’s and tons and tons of vowels. It takes longer to play because of all this extra stuff.

I’ll make a long story short. I won. A loverly come-from-behind and catch them off-guard win. I had been in third place, there may have been some smuggness involved by the leader, we were that colse to the end. And then I did it. I played a “Q” word on the quadruple word score, and! the Q was on a double letter score. 98 points later, I was in the lead, and never gave it up!

My friends were both dressed for the event, I, sadly, was not. Donna had on her Scrabble T-shirt

Scrabble shirt 1

Steph was wearing her Scrabble pants

Scrabble pants

And while I’ll be first to admit how cute ya’ll were, I still won. Let me enjoy for now, lest the next game rob me of my title!

super winner

Pam, Bev, and Bonnie did not play, and claim the game therefore did not count as a Cube game. Ha!! They would have said differently if they had been the winner and someone else was missing. No dice girls, I am The Queen.


  1. 98 points for one word?! You ARE the Queen! 🙂

    I love that t-shirt and those pants!

  2. All hail the queen! Good for you.

  3. Ok, what do I say? Congratulations? Nah! Must’a been your lucky day? Nah! I’ll have to think about it and get back to you. 🙂

  4. You’re so humble!

  5. Great story! I only play Scrabble with my best friend and my Hubby, both of whom do not play to the death draw as certain members of my family do! LOL That took all the fun out of it for me. But I think it is really neat that you have been doing this all these years. What a great tradition.

  6. Hi,

    I’m desperately looking for a pair of pants like yours (the Scrabble ones…)… where did you get them from? Can I buy them online? Please, please help! I’m in Italy and I would really appreciate if you’d help me.
    Rosa Parrella

  7. Hi Rosa, I have a couple of pair of these pants in my eBay auctions.
    These are Size LARGE
    You can get these in my ebay auctions, or you can email me for a direct sale.
    Thanks, joyce

    • Hi do you still have scrabble pj pants?

      • Dear Tammy and all else it may concern, I never had any Scrabble pants. They belong to my friend. They were a gift from here daughter. She will not give them up. We do not know where to find more. So sorry.

    • Hello Joyce, I was wondering if you still had these pants for sale on Ebay. I am very interesting in buying a pair but I need to do it before Christmas. I know I procrastinated too much. If you could please email me my email is

    • Do you have any Scrabble pajama pants on your ebay auction/ for sale? ~Maria Luckey

      • I don’t have an ebay shop, or any Scrabble Pants! I never have had either of these things. Please understand, the ones pictured belong to a friend, who also does not have anymore, or a shop.

  8. I am also desperately looking for scrabble pajama pants like that. Do you have any more for sale or can you refer me to where you got them??? Thank you!

  9. […] has been nearly three years since I posted (and boasted) about being THE Scrabble Queen. This post gets a lot of traffic, though, to be […]

  10. I so need the Can’t Spell Awesome Without Me shirt for my daughter. She has become addicted to scrabble. Please let me know where to purchase the shirt and pants.

    • Stormmom,

      I looked online and found that Cafe Press sells those shirts…I don’t have any, not even one of my own.'t-spell-awesome

      As for the pants…..I found one pair of them at Marshals before Christmas, and someone bought those. I DO still have the Scrabble PJ’s in size XL if you care about those.

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