Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 7, 2008

Introducing Abby

My friend Stephanie had two dogs for a long time. Unfortunately, earlier this year she became dogless. Doglessness is a terrible state and hard to tolerate for long periods of time. Because Steph and her hubby dearest both work, and beacuse her girls are away at college, she thought the doglessness would continue until May, when the girls would be home to help care for a new baby. Timing children is so difficult, yes?

Well, fate had something different in store for our friends, and her name is Abby. Abby is currently about 11 weeks old. Here are a few pictures from when she closer to 9 weeks old. Cute little thing, isn’t she?

sleeping abby

Here’s a picture of Steph holding baby Abby

baby Abby

Oh…did I forget to mention Abby is a Newfoundland puppy? (grin)



  1. what a cutie! I miss having a dog…

  2. I guessed correctly before you said so! What a doll. You’ll be sharing more photos along the way, right?! Sweet, wonderful, BIG dogs, Newfies…

  3. Okay, do you spin? Newfie’s undercoat is soft and fluffy and warm and spins great. A good wash with shampoo and the yarn doesn’t smell doggy either! One of the doctors I worked with had a Newfie puppy named Montana and I used to puppy sit and later house/dog sit for them when they vacationed. Wow, what a great dog she was and no matter how big she got, she thought she was a little puppy and wanted to sit in my lap! LOL Abby is adorable! :o)

  4. […] dogs. First, remember baby Abby? Well, now she’s four months old and weighs a mere sixty-odd […]

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