Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 2, 2008

B is For…..

B is for Books and Book shelves, of which I have an abundance.

The Living Room Shelf (two deep in many places)

living room shelf

The Hall Shelf (our school shelf, mostly)

hall shelf

My bedroom has two shelves (One for fun stuff, one for literature stuff)

bedroom 1

bedroom 2

The dining room (yes, the dining room) has two shelves…. (in use histories, literature, etc, one for math-related books, mostly)

dining room 1

dining room 2

There is a shelf in the dinette, and of course of in the kid’s rooms….not to mention stacks on chairs, the floor, stuffed into boxes and closets, and those kept in book bags, too.

Some Favorites
Alice little women

Knit Books
knitting books 1 knit books 2

Tiny books (the “big” books here are 2 inches square)
tiny books

Books to live by: (faith and sharing)
seder studys

Books to teach history, literature, and math. Books for music, knitting, and tea. A guide to dog breeds, a Seder “how to”, photo albums and yearbooks, too. I love a good mystery, and poetry, and the classics. We all read some Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, and humor. Better get one for gardening, and organizing, and repairs. OOh, and some Atlases and Dictionaries, and Thesauruses, and….you start to get the picture. It’s not just me, we all love books. Old books, new books, big books, tiny books. Books to learn from, books to live by. If I had posted even half the pictures I took of our books, this post would be far longer than it is. Scary, eh?


  1. Great post! Wonderful pictures!

  2. I now have proof I do not have the most books EVER… thank you!

  3. Ooh I forgot about books.. I guess my B also means books, but maybe more of an R for Reading… hehe. I’ll be home in Canada (with my bookshelves) for R so I can show off my shelves organised alphabetically by author last name. Heheh I’m a nerd. Love your collection!!

  4. hey, this isnt too bad!

  5. My Mom always jokes that if we have an earthquake we’ll be dead because the books will fall out of the shelves and bean us because we have so many! LOL We are such “nerds” that when we dream of winning the lottery, we think of building a modest home with one extra room – for the library of course! :o) I enjoyed the tour of your books!

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