Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Kid!

Filed at 11:50 pm, January 21 

I am a terrible bad mother. Today was my eldest son’s birthday, but as we had already had a nice chat over the weekend and sent his gift off in the mail, I…….kinda forgot for a while. Don’t look so shocked! It could happen to anyone, really.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning, still hacking up hairballs, popped some high quality expectorant, showered, dressed, had tea, and went to work. Now, just because I work in my dining room doesn’t make that not a big deal. I haven’t done anything for three days….nothing worth mentioning. I made it through my classes today, fixed people food, sent emails, set meetings, I carried on. One little slip, a slight forgetfullness and you hold it against me? Sheesh.

Anyway, while I fully comprehend that this young man is my son, I have reason to doubt his age. How could my son be 24? Just because he lives far away, on his own, and is buying a house is no reason to be that old. Surely this is the cute little guy that wowed everybody with his speech when he was little? The one who even managed to impress his Grandpa Lou, a near miracle, that. The first student to ever earn National Merit Semi-finalist at his school? Oh, wait, that does mean he grew up, doesn’t it? Darn….maybe he is 24.

Happy Birthday Benjamin. Enjoy it. You are not allowed to get any older….no one will believe I had you when I was 10!

Ben pic 1


  1. LOL… A couple of milestone dates have all but slipped past me already this year. My mind is just elsewhere, despite calendars and datebooks!

  2. LOL

    I tagged you. Wanted to make sure you knew it. 🙂

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