Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 20, 2008

Sick Daze

I haven’t been feeling well lately, and for the last three daze, not well at all. (Bronchitis) To make a point, I’ve not touched my knitting today (it’s now 5 pm) and yesterday and Friday went much the same way. I have knit a little each evening, but we’re talking very little here, like the socks I’m working on are still not at the toe, and no other knitting is in progress at all. The only good news is, as I feel slightly better this evening, I should at least be able to finish up the 12 rounds which stand between me and the toes!

Donna’s socks 1

While I haven’t had enough brains to dare to knit, I’ve been spending time catching up on blogs and cruising Ravelry. With my trusty mug of Meiji Germy, (roasted barley tea) by my side I’ve been trolling for pattern ideas for the $100 scarf and for the soon-coming Malabrigo. Anne, who calls it mmmmmalabrigo, has been a great source of inspiration. Did you know there was a Ravelry group? I didn’t, but thanks to Anne, I am now a proud member of Malabrigo Junkies.

Oh, and if any of my students are reading this, don’t get excited. I expect to be back in the classroom in the morning!


  1. Feel better soon!
    Nice tip about the group, I’ll be joining it soon.

  2. Get well soon! The socks are looking great…

  3. feel better soon I totally sympathize

  4. Love the socks. Too sick to knit–no fun!

  5. Get better soon! Keep coughing up those hairballs. 🙂

    Oh and I saw the prize you sent Chan — absolutely lovely and adorable.

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