Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 15, 2008

My Swap Saviour

I was one of several people who signed up for the Hot CocoaSwap early on, like the first day maybe, who, for whatever reason didn’t make it onto the final swap list. Devastation, depression, and denial followed. This can’t be happening to me….why doesn’t she answer my note and tell me it’s all a mistake, a bad dream? Aargh!

Enter my Swap Saviour. No, no one from the Hot Cocoa swap every contacted me. However, Grace did a wonderful thing! She started a make-up swap. 🙂 Grace got passed over, too, you see, but she did something about it. What a brilliant and resourceful gal, yes?

Lisa is my swap buddy. It’s kinda fun doing a non-secret swap for a change. I still get to lurk about learning fun things about her, but I also get to chat with her via email, too. We get to send our goodies to the same person who will be sending goodies to us, which is a fun twist also. I live in “sunny” CA, she lives in the currently dark AK, but we’re a lot alike. Thanks so much Grace for taking this on. I’m loving it!


  1. I’m so glad Grace filled a void! I need to get shopping – and knitting – for my pal. I am sorry you missed the other swap though, through no fault of your own!

  2. ahhhh I’m blushing!!!! Thanks Ruth!

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