Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 13, 2008

I’m Sorry, What?!

Okay, so I was flying home from Santa Monica last night when I had one of those very strange occurances…..

I had taken a seat next to the window in the front bulkhead, more leg-room, you know. The very nice East Indian lady sitting in the aisle seat and I agreed that it was unlikely anyone would sit between us as the flight wasn’t full, and we had started to expand into that space with our belongings. I had just settled my cute little pink project-on-the-go bag, received from Navi for Sockapaloozaa, and pulled out my sock-in-progress, when a man of Mexican heritage pushed his way into our row and requested the seat. Harrumph….The other lady and I were a bit put-out, but moved our things to accomodate him. He was the kind of person who gets in your space big time, and doesn’t seem to notice it. I tried to be tolerant, but the other lady was smarter and made it clear he wasn’t welcome to touch her or be that close!

He was a very chatty fellow, and first made comments about and “handled” my knitting, then he switched to personal questions about being married, and what wives “should” do, etc. Anyway, to get to the real point, the guy asked me to Knit him a scarf! And, he basically wouldn’t take NO for an answer. I mean, I kept saying I couldn’t really do it now, and he would say something else. Then, he shoved a $100 bill into my project bag, and followed it a scrap paper with his address on it. Sheesh…..


  1. whoohoo! 🙂
    enjoy making the scarf! how funny!

  2. That is very weird!


    So, are you knitting him a scarf? Does he live around here?!?

  3. hahahha your story gave me a good laugh, is good to know that the bag attracts money 🙂

  4. People can be so ignorant of the perception others have regarding their behavior. I’m sure this guy thought he was just being really friendly and out going. But he needs to understand that not everyone is comfortable with that. I know I would be comfortable sitting next to him. I’m glad you made it through the flight. Are you going to knit the scarf?

  5. I would have moved seats… screw the extra leg room I want my personal bubble back!!

  6. Wow. I’m sure you handled it better than I would have!

  7. Hey, $100 is nice!

  8. But…you haven’t told us whether you said you’d do it or not…

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