Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 5, 2008

We Have Winners!

I became aware soon after posting the contest, that it was possible that the Scavenger Hunt was perhaps, just maybe, a little too hard. Sigh. I tried to encourage you all to enter even if you didn’t have answers to all of the questions, but to little avail. I thought it would be too easy for you all to use the search feature of WordPress, not to mention the WIP page to get answers to many of my queries. I’ll do better next time, I promise.

And now, drum roll please, the winners! Since only four of you were brave enough to take the challenge, you will all have to be winners…..shucks, huh? Amy got every question right, however, since she knows me IRL and helped through many of my knitting challenges this year, I thought it might be a tad unfair to give her the Grand Prize. Of the other entrants, I must say Monica was the big winner. She not only answered every question, but she got all but one of them correct. And, she did so in record time! I found Monica’s entry a mere few hours after the contest was posted at my midnight. Grace made a great effort and Chan was kind enough to spare some time from her busy week to search out some answers, too. Congratulations to you all, and thanks so much for playing along!

An on to the Prizes! I will post pictures of the available fiber goodness, and then contact each winner, in order of place, to ask her her preference. In addition to yarny delights, Monica will also receive a handmade Tea Cozy to suit. 🙂

Prize Yarns:

1. Seacoast Handpainted superwash sock in Chocolate and Caramel

Seacoast Choc

2. Meilenweit Cotton Spirit sock yarn…color 3006 ( pretty blues and greens)

Meilenweit Cotton

3. Apeldorn superwash sock, 100% merino, yellows, oranges, pinks multi from Etsy store

Apeldorn sock yarn

Monica, your cozy will be made in this pattern, in colors of your choice, in size of your choice!

Christmas cozy

For Amy I have already chosen a skein of Premeire from Classic Elite in Pastoral Peri. I had given her an “extra” copy of the Harlot’s new book, and teased her that that would have to do for her prize! I’m not really that mean….she’ll have to make herself something from the Premeire, as shades of purple are her favorite!

Thanks again all.



  1. Aw wow!! Thank you so much Ruth!! I hope you had a good Blogiversary even though the contest was quiet. I certainly was amused searching for the answers. I got to see a lot of posts that I’d not seen before because I only met you in the K1T2 Swap.

    The perfectionist in me is thinking….. which one did I get wrong? You should post the answers, for all those souls that wanted to enter but didn’t have time. I guess it helps being in a different time zone – I check blogs in my morning and get any “late night” updates. Hahha.

  2. thank you Ruth, I really tried!!!! Even Tom asked did you ever find what car she drove away in!!! Congrats again on your blogaversary

  3. I had fun going back through all of the posts too, as I’d missed more than the first half of the year as well. I’d love to see all the answers too! I’m certain I just overlooked a couple in between looking up and chanting, “Sissy no, Sissy come, Sissy no…”

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