Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 30, 2007

A Happy Accident

Our friend Dave is a CDF fire chief. He got a call the other day, something a bit different than usual. Seems a truck driver with a rig full of fresh crab from up the coast was DUI and dumped his load. Thousands of pounds of fresh crab which were headed to Tahoe and Reno were now considered a loss. Nothing wrong with the shellfish, most boxes were still intact, just the rules, you know. Anyway….come get this crab and distribute it to the firehouses in the area was the call. He obeyed. His station ended up with something like 200 lbs of crab. We got the call last night, crab feed on Sunday eveing, be there. We were. Excellent crab, great company, and a very pleasant evening were had by all. What a happy accident….for us anyway. Not so happy for the restaurants and resorts, nor likely for the arrested and most likely un-employed truck driver. One never knows what life will bring…..A spontaneous party thrown by Stephanie and Dave…who’d have thought?!


  1. Those are fortuitous side effects of the fire service. We still have some monster shrimp in the freezer from a similar incident earlier this year, and in the past, there’s been Angus beef and another “round” of shrimp too.

  2. That is so random!

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