Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 28, 2007

Chapter Two

I was going to finish the story of last week on Christmas Day but I never found the time to do so. I was playing with my new MP-3 player, when a cup of soda dumped over onto my computer!! Not all of it, thank goodness, but any soda is usually too much for a computer, ya know? We got it all sopped up, then vacuumed the keyboard, then blew it dry, and miracle of miracles, everything still worked! However, after all of that excitement was over, we went out to visit some friends for the evening. The next day, everything still worked, but the left side of the keyboard was stiff and sticky, so we headed over to TechKnuckle to see what we could do. Long story made short, we decided to buy me a new laptop, which neccessitated leaving the old one there so Brad could transfer all my stuff to the new one for me. I just got the new one today…do I look better now?

Anyway, about last week. I took a page out of Anne’s book and made a bunch of cloths for my friends to give them with some soaps at our annual Scrabble Christmas Tea. Some got washcloths of kitchen cotton, some received facecloths made of a yummy cotton/tencel blend, Classic Elite Yarn’s “Premiere”. I really had to haul buns to get them done in time for Tea on Wednesday afternoon. I made my first lace cloth, and I have to say that I don’t really see the point. For a dishcloth, lace would be awful, in my humble opinion! The holes would catch on every fork and knife in the sink. I made the pattern called Butterfly Lace, and I do think it looks like butterflies, especially if you know that it is supposed to do so. 🙂

butterfly lace cloth

I also made a Louie the Lobster cloth for my friend Stephanie, who is a displaced Mainer. It was huge! It was hard to show the lobster and writing in the picture, but I tried. I also made a comparison shot with the Butterfly lace to show it’s size.

cloth compare

Louie the LOBSTAH

And last for now, a shot of the whole lot cloths for the Scrabble Girls. Pictures of the tea party will have to wait, as it’s time for Jeopardy!

stack of cloths 2007


  1. Nice! Did you find the butterfly pattern in Ravelry?

  2. Wow! You were busy with those dishcloths. I could see the lobster, it looked great! And, a new laptop for you, yay!

  3. The big, burly Knights says lace cloths are for faces. 😉 They look great!

    Welcome back, and enjoy the new laptop!

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