Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 18, 2007

Catching Up, Holiday Version

Whew! What a whirlwind life has been lately. Time to catch up a bit, I guess. I owe some pictures, so let’s start there. First, a big thank you to Irishgirlieknits for the lovely Socks That Rock  from the Blogiversary contest. She thinks the color is “Citrine” and it makes me think of spring and Easter. I think I see a scarf here, rather than socks.
Irishgirlieknits prize yarn

I also have photos of two pair of completed fingerless mittens. A pair of fraternal twin Fetchings for Laura and a pair of my own design in the gorgeous LL Vera for my niece. The cabling down the center of the Vera mitts didn’t show well at all in the pics. I sure hope they fit and that she likes them…..arg…stress. How does one make an 18 year old a pair of mittens when I haven’t seen her in years?

laura’s fetching

finished Vera mitts

Lastly, I have a Yarn Harlot One Row scarf underway in the Baby Alpaca Grande Paint, also for a gift. It will be a short scarf, but I think it looks great, and the alpaca is so soft you just want to pet it.

alpaca Harlot scarf

Oh, and I totally forgot I finished another hat, too. Can’t post pictures yet, bet you can guess why. 🙂

Like most of you, I have a very busy week ahead, so wish me luck on finishing (or even starting) all my holday knitting projects.  I hope to spend a good deal of the time gained from classes cancelled for the week working on my “to do” list. I still have most of my classes this week, but hey, any time gained is a bonus!


  1. Wow, have you been busy! I love the yarn you used for the pinkish mitts. Pretty!

  2. 18 yr olds and mittens.
    even if they arent her colour scheme, it will be welcomed. the kids here at the youth group we lead, were so into knitting. they made eachother some really bad stuff, but they all loved it. ill fitting hats, scraves too long or too short….

    so dont worry, they look lovely, and i am sure they will be loved too.

  3. So glad you like the yarn! A scarf would be gorgeous!

    Good luck on your holiday knitting! I’m with you!

  4. I’m jealous. You’re still knitting and turning out beautiful FOs. Don’t worry; they are lovely and they will be treasured!

  5. some nice knitting there, do you need my address so you know where to mail mine????

  6. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog. Before Christmas I didn’t do much blog reading. It looks like you were very busy. I hope you had a nice Christmas and thanks for letting me know about your hands too…it’s nice to know I wasn’t just imagining it!

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