Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 5, 2007

I Won?

Woa, how’d that happen? I won a prize in Irishgirlieknits Blogiversary contest! Some yummy Socks That Rock will be coming my way soon. I’ve wanted to try some of this for a while, so I’m very happy that I’ll be getting the chance soon. Thanks ladies!

With no size decent 9 circs in the whole grrring town, I had no choice but to keep busy with some other knitting the last few days. I grabbed some worsted weight out of the stash and cast on another pair of Fetching. Apparantly my gauge is off from what the pattern calls for, so I had to adjust down to 40 stitches for this pair. One mitten knit each Monday and Tuesday (very busy class days) and the new pair is done. No photos yet. The yarn has very long color repeats, so the mittens don’t match colorwise. Oh well, they are still cute and warm and will be fine for their young owner’s hands.

Today, Knitnmom was having a rough day, so I grabbed her and off we went to Sacramento for lunch and a little retail therapy. We had a nice pub-style meal at The Fox and Goose then hopped over to Rumplestiltskin to find a nice size 9 Addi lace needle for me and a knitting magazine for Amy. I know that’s not exactly thrilling blog fodder, but it’s all I can do for now. Guess I can start the hat now. 🙂


  1. STR, a day out, size 9 Addis, and cheering up Amy…sounds like a great day all around. 🙂

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