Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 3, 2007

Fetching Revealed

I knit as fast as I could Friday evening trying to finish the secret Fetchings before the intended recipient’s bedtime, but could not do it. I knew she was going to be at an outdoor craft sale all day Saturday and that it was going to be cold. Not cold like Canadian cold, but cold by our local standards. It was freezing at the unholy hour at which she was scheduled to begin the great craft adventure. Ah well, they’re finished now. And gifted. And pleasing to the eye and fit reasonably well, and appreciated, as this lovely friend of mine works in a cold place and will get good use from this little gift. As usual, I could not leave well enough alone, so these are modified Fetchings. Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport, Tahoe colorway. Knit in the round (mostly) over 55 stitches on size 2 KnitPicks circs. Stockinette palms, motif added on the hand, thumb left off entirely, and an extra round of cabling added at the top. I think that’s it, other than adjusting for the smaller gauge yarn. Here they are, modeled by Bonnie, their  new owner. I apologize for the poor color quality, I never get good pics when I have to use the flash.

Bonnie in Fetching

And the flip side, too.
Fetching palms

Once the Fetching were done, I set out to start the hat from the super soft Alpaca for my Dh. Sigh, I had been warned I would probably need to go down several needle sizes to get a nice fabric, compared to what the yarn’s specs said, but I hoped, I really, really hoped I could get away with only going down 1/2 size….um….no. I knit a little loosely, I guess, so although size 10 1/2’s were called for, I couldn’t get a decent fabric on 10’s. Little problem here, I don’t own a good pair of size 9 circs, only 1 crappy pair. I went to the new LYS, and she not only does not carry any of the better brands, she told me she couldn’t order them either. “Too expensive to keep on hand for only two people” she said. Sigh. Two, as in Knitnmom and I, whom she had spoken to. What about the other knitters who know better than to go in there because they know (from us) that she doesn’t have them? What about the others who haven’t bothered to ask for what she doesn’t have? Sigh. No hat for hubby for now. Knitter’s Playground, how do I miss thee? Let me count the ways! (end of rant)

Anyway, for something to do in the meantime, while waiting for size 9’s to magically appear from somewhere, I knit this. A little hat, of my own design, to go with the Super Quick Baby Socks. Don’t you love the hat model? It’s an inverted vase. Oh, and to help pass the time, Saturday night we went to the Kings vrs. Rockets game. The ticket just happened to pop into the picture posing with the Caron Simply Soft baby set. We won, life is good, knit on!
Caron baby set
Caron set with Kings ticket


  1. Well, the Fetchings and the hat are lovely. Sorry about the #9s and the LYS. Crazy, isn’t it? They make it hard to support your LYS, even when you want to.

  2. Those fetchings turned out great! Great job!

    And congratulations on winning my blogiversary contest!! Email me your address when you get a chance 🙂

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