Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 24, 2007

Super Saturday

What a fun day! As I mentioned yesterday, today was the day for our WoodlandTag yarn crawl. It was a small group, only four of us, but we had a great time. First, we went out to Rocklin to check out Filati’s. It was a very nice store, but we had been warned in advance that it was quite pricey. I did make a purchase there as there were some very nice sales to take advantage of. I got a bag with two skeins of Cascade 220 in a gorgeous teal for only $8.99 and two skeins of Curious Creek fibers Nakuru in the lovely Glacier Lakes colorway. This was very pricey yarn, regularly $19 for a 71 yd. 50 gram skein. I scored a 50% off sale on this yarn, making it possible to buy enough to actually do something with.

When we were done fondling yarn and drooling at Filiati’s we went off to lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant. After lunch it was off To Fair Oaks to meet up with Amy’s friend Theresa. Where did we choose to meet up? A yarn store, of course! Babetta’s was awesome. They had a fantastic assortment of yarns, patterns, and fiber-related stuff, and for the cherry on top, really reasonable prices. Happiness in the form of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport jumped into my arms in two incredibly beautiful colorways. Both the Tahoe and the Vera wound up into even prettier balls than they were in the skeins. My final two purchses were the incredibly soft and yummy Baby Alpaca Grande, by Plymouth, one in a nice grey, color 403, and the other a green multi, color 679. These are mostly not stash enhancement, as I have immediate plans for all but the Cascade 220.

I stole borrowed some photos of us having fun from Theresa’s blog, I’m pretty sure she won’t mind.
Amy, Me, Robin, and Margaret

Amy and Theresa
Amy and Theresa It was great to meet you Theresa! Looking forward to next time.

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