Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 9, 2007

Finally Friday

Wahoo….it’s finally Friday! I actually started doing the happy dance yesterday at 3:00 p.m. My last class of the week was over, and the test-time knitting had gone great. Did I really need more than that as cause to celebrate? I think not. Additional happiness came from an older son home to shuttle the youngest off to piano lesson and youth group, leaving me home to:

1. knock off some work

2. fix dinner

3. watch Jeopardy

4. Knit all the way through the movie “The Queen”

Ah, yes. It was a productive knitting day and evening. 5th repeat of charts were completed during test time, and the 10 rows of seed stitch between charts were knocked off during the movie. That’s about 20 rows in one day, very good for me. Almost 4000 stitches… wonder my wrist and hand hurt a bit by the end. The blanket is getting quite heavy and I’m not used to supporting that much weight. I’ve got it on a long circular needle and let most of it rest in my lap, but I still have to hold all the weight of 169 live stitches and however many rows hang down before it reaches my lap.

In other knitting news, my order from KnitPicks arrived with my new needles, so I will be able to start Becky’s socks now. Yeah! I’m excited to use the new Seacoast merino/tencel blend yarn, and I’m ready to have part of my knitting time be with smaller needles and lighter yarn, too. 🙂
Oh, I finished the first face cloth I was knitting. Due to it’s gift nature and thae fact that it’s intended recipient has been know to peruse this blog, no pictures can be posted at this time.


  1. Yay! Productiveness like that always leaves a warm feeling inside. Wasn’t Helen Mirren just lovely in The Queen!?

  2. really? this was my first ingathering but my kids have been to gigal for 4 yrs now. you should tell your son about the israel india trips they have now. so awesome!!!
    i knit thru Queen last night 🙂 and i watched jeopardy too 🙂

  3. here is the link

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