Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Hubby Dearest

Our calendar looks a little strange to some people. Every year the November page starts out this way: November 1, Jim’s b-day, November 2, Jim’s b-day. It looks like we didn’t know which day Jim’s birthday was on. Not true. The first is my brother Jim’s birthday, the second is Hubby Dearest’s (also Jim) birthday. Hubby had to work today, but we still had a nice, late breakfast to celebrate. We went to our favorite local diner, close enough to walk to, and he got the “usual”. Hobo Scramble, he gets it almost every time, and coffee. It makes him happy, so I’m happy too. To add joy to our little party, son # 2 arrived this morning after taking the red-eye in from Hawaii, followed by an Amtrak trip up from Oakland. Son  2 came bearing gifts; Pinky and the Brain volume 3, from son 3, still in Hawaii and the Dilbert Board game.Son 4 contributed an Eric Clapton cd a bit later. OOhhh, Pinky and the Brain!

Happy Birthday, Dearest. Hang loose, to you, too.

Jim on lanai

Far left, Son # 2, far right, Hubby Dearest, second on left, brother Jim
5 Plus 2

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