Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 28, 2007

Hey Mikey!

He liked it, he liked it! Hubby Dearest liked his Man socks. He tried to find a way to wiggle out, but no go. When he got home from work I asked him to try the socks on. He wanted to know before trying them on which was sock one and which was sock two. I said, no way, bebe’, try them on. He did…..switching the socks back and forth from foot to foot trying to make it feel weird again. Ha ha! He couldn’t do it. They fit. He likes them. They’re warm. He wore them to bed last night. He wore them around the house this morning. He never could tell which sock was the “problem” sock. So, it’s a case of ‘See, I told you so”. They fit. He likes them. Hey Mikey!

Cute little skinny man-legs, eh?
Man Socks


  1. Good for you!! Good for him. My first man socks are up next, after one much-need puppy coat for a friend.

  2. They look marvelous! And toasty warm.

    I don’t think my current socks entirely count as ‘man’ socks since my brother-in-law has a thing for red wool. They’re very cheery, but I’m getting just a little bored with red.

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