Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 27, 2007

October SAM4

Well, at the start of the month it looked more like Mittober than Socktober, but I think I found the cure for that. Tada! A finished pair of socks, with 4 1/2 days still to go before time is up to get my O for October. My first pair of “man socks”. Details are: Lorna’s Laces Swirl Sport in Camoflauge, knit on one KnitPicks size 2 circular needle. Pattern, um…don’t know if it has a name, but alternate 1 round of K1P1 and 1 round of Knit around. Eye of Partridge heel, ala Sentsational Socks, knit forever, or for as long as the yarn lasts, to fit a man’s size 9 foot.  Upon finishing I had two tiny balls of yarn left, weighing in at a combined total of 8 grams. Honestly, I could have used it all up if I had not been so afraid of running out before the toe.

If you have been following the saga of the Man Socks, you know that dh was not entirely sold on the fit/comfort of sock 1. Well, the little stinker took his size 9’s out the door with him and off to work mere minutes before the completion of sock 2, so I still don’t know where we stand with whose socks these will really be. Darn….they could be mine, but we won’t know that until he brings his feet home somewhere around midnight tonight.Or possibly not until much later, as he is likely to be late, and not want to do a  try on. In that case, it will most likely be Monday night before I know anything, as he also works till late tomorrow night as well.Sigh. Whatever….So, Heeerrree’s to Socktober!

October SAM4


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