Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 22, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

I was a good girl and finally did get a pair of socks going for my SAM4 entry for October. I’m making my first pair of “man socks”. Due to time constraints I thought it might be a good time to try my hand at socks using sport weight yarn, so I dragged out the Lorna’s Laces swirl sport in camoflauge that I bought a few months ago at Knitter’s Playground.

The good news is that is knits up more quickly than fingering weight, but the flip side is that I don’t have a good feel for how many stitches to cast on, especially as I haven’t made any of my men socks before! The other thing that has been a challenge is that I don’t really know how far the yarn will go. How does 150 yds translate into leg length, plus heel, plus foot length? 

 I wanted to make a 7 inch leg for this sock, as that is the approx. length of the standard white socks all my guys wear daily. By the time I hit the 5 inch mark, I was pretty nervous about whether or not the yarn would last to the toe or not. So I quit then and went on to the heel. By the time I had completed the gusset I was very worried. The little yarn ball I had left seemed very, well, little. I sought advice from Amy, who thought that there was very little chance of the yarn holding out long enough to get a foot length long enough to match the width of the leg. She said something like, “That will never make it for  sock to fit the foot that goes with that leg.” Although I’m sure she said it more eloquently, you get the gist. No way, not gonna happen. Frog it now and make the yarn into the mittens you know you want to make.

Well, I don’t know if I’m just stubborn, or contrary, or what, but I hate frogging things and I’m running out of time to get socks done in October, so I just took a deep breath and went on. Good news; I made it. (tiny ball of yarn left) One finished Camo sock to fit a men’s size 9 foot. (dh wears a 9) Bad news; he thinks the toe feels “like its pulling” on the outside of his foot. Argh! Not too short, but maybe a few less decreases in the toe. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just different than how store-bought socks feel? The second sock is almost to the end of the leg, so I still have time to decide how to adjust the toe on this one. I’m thinking two more rows of stockinette at the beginning of the toe, before I start the decreases, and then two fewer decrease rows. Is that enough? Will it matter anyway if the other sock still bugs him? Will he ever wear these socks? Will I ever consider making any of my men a pair of socks again? Considering that dh is the most likely to wear something just to please me and that all the boys are really picky about comfort, I’m not sure about this. Anyway, pictures tomorrow, when the big light outdoors is working.


  1. No advice, but I will follow the saga. I hope to make the Knight’s Fred’s Yarn socks my to the beach project, and they will be MY first man socks…

  2. No, I’m pretty sure that’s what I said! LOL Glad to hear I was mistaken!! I would NEVER have tried it! But then I sort of like frogging – it’s so freeing!

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