Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 21, 2007

Fall Blooms

Everywhere I look lately I’ve been seeing great pictures showing the glorious colors of Fall. The reds, greens, browns, and golds are deep and rich, the hills, meadows, and valleys all a riot of seasonal change. And, while the weather here for the last week has been very autumnal, with cool temps, wind, and even some rain, my yard is clinging to the last of its summer colors. So in lieu of knitting content, of which there is too little to mention, I give you my roses last hurrah for 2007. At least think it’s the last for this year.
My lovely white rose
white rose

White rosebush is doing well now that tree blocking sun was removed.
white roses

A Double Delight rose, my second favorite in the yard. Number one is Garden’s of The World. Both are beautiful and smell divine. Double Delight is rosy scented, the other is like fine perfume!
double delight

The pink rose, I can’t remember it’s name anymore. Because of how long and hot summer is here, I don’t like to plant “hot” colored flowers. In addition to pink, white, and lavender you can find yellow in the yard. You will not, however, find red, or orange, or “hot” yellows, only soft ones, and those sparingly.
pink rose

And lastly, not a rose, but very nice to look at Sasha, at 2 1/2 yrs old, a dog known for draping herself in spots popular with felines. But don’t you go calling her a C A T, or she’ll chew your ankles off!
Sasha Cutie


  1. Oooh. I wanted a rose garden very badly, but I live in the woods and NOWHERE on my property gets enough sunlight, except the road front. They’re very beautiful.

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