Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 15, 2007


I made a mistake tonight. It has to be a mistake, ’cause I sure wouldn’t have done this on purpose. I get the Knitting Daily letter from Interweave and I was checking out todays bits and trying to learn something about swatching. Not that I swatch, but I wanted to read it anyway. So far, so good. Then I got down to the part about a little survey they were taking. How many UFOs do you have around your house? At first it seemed harmless enough. I usually do a good job of starting and finishing my projects. I started counting up my WIPs since that is included in the definition of UFOs for the survey’s purposes. Um….two pairs of fingerless mittens, one red scarf, not so bad, right? Oh, wait, and I still have the one blue Lilac sock to go, and the Stars and Hearts Blanket, and um……oh darn! The Estonian Lace scarf which hasn’t seen the light of day in months has to be counted as well. I sure hope I got around to frogging that blue lighthouse dishcloth I started way back when like I had planned to, because otherwise I’d have seven UFOs instead of the six I owned up to. Furthermore, I need to cast on a pair of socks and get moving on those if I’m going to get my O for October for the SAM 4. Ouch, I’m not sure there is enough month left to do much finishing and I do like finishing! Then I read the part where they mentioned this wasn’t as bad as the stash revealing question coming sometime soon. Ack! I don’t know about you, but I definately need to go on a yarn diet. Revealing my stash at this time would be, ah, unwise. How about you? Care to reveal your true number of UFOs? Or worse yet, reveal the full extent of your stash? Go ahead, your spouses don’t read this blog anyway. They’ll never know. (wink)


  1. Pfft I don’t think we should be made to feel guilty about our projects OTNs or our yarn at hand (aka stash). My stash is very open — they are in three of those giant see-through bags that Duvets & Pillows come in from the store. Nice and big! Holds everything and keeps all my yarn clean.

  2. Here, here! I second monnibo’s motions. My stash is growing. There are yarns I wish I’d purchased when I saw them, because I haven’t seen them again. I only have a couple of WIPs, but I’ve also not been doing this as long as some, and check with me next week when Anne’s bag is finally finished, felted and on its way to her. There are no fewer than four projects that I feel must each be *THE* next thing I do, so…

  3. To me UFOs are different than WIP. The first are buried, to be exhumed at some point, or dealt with by my heirs. I don’t leave them on needles, so they don’t count – right?

    WIP? Four isn’t all that bad!

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