Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 12, 2007

Friday Filler

I’ve been having more life than knitting this week, so nothing new to report or show in that area. A perfect excuse to post pictures! I was very careful while I was away in September not to reveal my exact whereabouts as I was still being annonymous in the Knit1, Tea 2 Swap, and sent a package while away. I’ll re-cap the story. My friend Char, who lives in the South and I flew to Rhode Island, (don’t ask why) and then drove up to Maine for a week. We mostly just hung out here and there on the coast, although we did make it to Portland and Freeport (shopping outlets). Maine coast is great. Come to think of it, I don’t know of a rocky coast I didn’t like! Sandy beaches are for the young and slender, give me a gourgeous cliffy coast anytime. Now I can have the fun of showing more pictures from the trip, and I’ll throw in the newest version of clean, cute doggies as well.

This is where we stayed, Orr’s Island, ME
Orr’s Island

This is my favorite view of the bridge to Orr’s Island
Orr’s entry

Lunch on our shopping day was here. Famous, I guess.
Lobster Cooker

Proof that my crazy travel companion took photos of her food!
Char’s lunch

In Brunswick,Maine, I think I could live here!
River House

Bailey’s Island, ME I could do this house, too.
Coast view

And, at the very tip of Bailey’s Island is Land’s End…I always wondered where it was.
Land’s End

And last but never least, the dogs done up for Fall.
First, Misty in her black, glossy glory
October Misty

Cute little stretching Sasha
October Sasha


  1. I thought it looked like you had fun before, but these new pictures really prove it! 🙂 And, your dogs are so cute, as always.

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